And for my next trick

Just for fun and to demonstrate the power of the Posh (sh)ell environment I decided to knock together the following trivial script to do a “traditional” OSGi bundle file install from a directory:

// create a temporary array for storing ids
array = new java.util.ArrayList;

// iterate over the files passed
// in as arguement 1 to this script
each (glob $1/*) {

// use the BundleContext.installBundle
// method to install each bundle
id=osgi:installBundle $it;

// store the bundle id for start later
$array add $id;

// iterate over our installed bundles
each ($array) {
// use the BundleContext.start method
//to start it
osgi:start $it;

To try this out for yourself or to find out more about Nimble you look here once installed you can run the above script using the following command:

posh -k <your bundles dir>

Where you should replace <your bundles dir> with a path to a directory on your local file system that contains bundles.

Hmmm what to blog next…ponders…


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