Bndtools 2.1 Released

GUEST POST: This post was written by my friend and open-source-colleague Ferry Huberts. Read the original here.

We just released Bndtools version 2.1. We’re very proud of it and are convinced that it will make your life as an OSGi developer much easier. Easier than any other tool around.

All together we believe that Bndtools is now the foremost tool for developing OSGi applications, and continues our mission to make OSGi development easier and more productive than traditional Java .

We’ve been tuning our development flow so that we can do releases on a shorter schedule and it seems to be working: it’s been 11 weeks since the release of 2.0.

This new version has many improvements that – not only – make it faster again, but also expand the functionality to offer a more complete experience. We’ve focused on bug fixes with an increased attention to details and also added some new functionality.

A brief overview of some noteworthy changes:

  • You can now specify command line arguments on the Run tab, which enables running/debugging in Eclipse with exactly the same arguments as the in the bug report that one of your users just reported :-). More details here.
  • Bndtools will now (by default) generate .gitignore files when you create new Bndtools projects so that you don’t commit derived files. This can be switched of in the Bndtools preferences panel.
  • The JAR viewer now by default opens the manifest file and also remembers the selected file so that when the JAR is updated, it will reload the JAR and select that file again.
  • Bndtools now finally fully supports paths containing whitespace. This was a long standing bug that affected launching from Bndtools. See also the notes below.
  • A compiler error is now generated on incorrect usage of the @Reference annotation. An example: you have a setter (e.g. add) for a dynamic dependency, but no unsetter (e.g. remove).
  • We again improved the build speed.

Of course there are many more gems in the full list of changes.

Important Notes:

  • We’re deprecating running from bnd.bnd files, which is why we’re no longer showing the ‘Run Requirement/Resolve’ panel on the Run tab. Users are strongly advised to migrate their run settings into .bndrun files. Expect the Run tab to be removed completely for bnd.bnd files in a future release.
  • Existing workspaces should update their cnf/buildrepo/biz.aQute.launcher to version 1.0.6 to fix issues with paths containing whitespace. Download it here, or generate a new cnf project by removing the existing one.


You can install Bndtools into Eclipse through the marketplace or use our Eclipse update site, see further instructions.

For those of you that want to live on the (bleeding) edge, our latest stable build lives here

As usual, please report any issues you find on our Github bug tracker:

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