“Innovation is GREAT” – Paremus in Japan

Innovation Is Great
The British Embassy in Tokyo has been running a series of activities under the theme of “Innovation is GREAT’“.

Last Wednesday, Dec 2 , they hosted an event at ITSCOM Studio & Hall (Futakotamagawa Rise) in Tokyo and Paremus were there showing demonstrations of the Service Fabric being used for IoT and Cloud.

Our booth was manned by our representative in Japan, Mr Takagi Kaname, and he enjoyed his time there meeting with a number of existing customers and forging new relationships with potential future partners.

Japan Dec 2015

One of our IoT demos included a number of Geiger Counters connected to Raspberry Pi’s. We used our gossip based OSGi Remote Service Admin Discovery to advertise and automatically connect the MQTT clients (Pi’s) to the MQTT broker running in the Service Fabric cloud. As the MQTT broker is not a Java / OSGi component, it was deployed and configured using Paremus Packager in a Docker container running on the Service Fabric. The data was collected from the distributed endpoints and processed in the Service Fabric cloud.

Geiger Demov2

The demo was based on Paremus’ belief that in order to meet the enourmous scale and geographic diversity IoT solutions require an architecture based on decentralised federated Cloud (see previous post).

So in this demo scenario each Raspberry Pi is intended to represent a distinct geographic location. The Geiger Counters are dynamically discovered by, and connect to, their local Service Fabric running on premise. Each Geiger Counter streams data to its parent Fabric for aggregation and local processing using the MQTT messaging protocol. Each of these local Service Fabrics is then able to optionally forward aggregated data into regional Service Fabrics; each of these dynamically deployed to a public Cloud provider. OSGi, from the Edge to the Cloud Core!

We would like to thank the staff at the British Embassy in Tokyo for arranging and hosting this successful event, and specifically for their support and assistance in our attendance at the exhibition.

If you are interested in exploring how you can work with Paremus in Japan please do get in touch.

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