Neil Bartlett

Using Let’s Encrypt Certificates with OSGi HTTP Service

Rather than one of my usual polemics, this is a quickly-written practical post. I hope the information here is useful to somebody.

Currently I am setting up, the website for my upcoming book “Effective OSGi”. The site is a web app that will allow users to download preview PDFs, order print copies, and so on. Naturally I am developing it in Java and OSGi (in fact, many of the code samples in the book are based on (more…)

Vertical Components

Combining Web and OSGi Components

I consider myself a latecomer to Microservices; I only really started to understand and use them in 2005. Nobody called them “Microservices” at the time – as far as I can tell, the term was coined in 2006 by BEA for their microService Architecture (mSA). Regardless, with this history it was a little surprising to hear the term reinvented in 2014 and suddenly gain a great deal of traction. While implementation details vary, the fundamental (more…)

OSGi and Java 9 Modules Working Together 2 comments

The best thing about the Java Platform Module System – commonly known as Project Jigsaw, or JSR 376 – is that it has been used to break apart the monolithic Java runtime into smaller modules. This makes Java a more attractive implementation technology in many scenarios where it has historically been weak. For example, modern desktop or mobile applications can’t rely on having a pre-installed copy of Java on the user’s device, so you need to ship Java as part (more…)

What’s New in Declarative Services 1.3?

I’d like to tell you about two really cool new features in OSGi Declarative
. They’re so cool that I feel kind of guilty for blogging about them,
because some of the kudos may accrue to me even though I have done absolutely
none of the work to either specify or implement them. So bear in mind that I’m
only your humble messenger.

Configuration Property Types

As a bit of background, in Declarative Services (DS) it has always been possible (more…)