OSGi Surgery with Neil Bartlett @ OSGi DevCon 2013

A number of the Paremus team  will be attending OSGi DevCon and EclipseCon next week and we are looking forward to the all of the great OSGi content and exploring the new venue in Boston.

If you are attending then you may be interested in the opportunity to book a 30 minute one on one slot with Neil Bartlett.  And the great news is that the charge for this is zilch / zero / nada – yes that’s right, no charge at all.


OSGi Community Event 2011 Over for Another Year

What a great couple of days this week at the OSGi Community Event 2011 in Dramstadt.  There were lots of great presentations and plenty of opportunity to network with everyone there. Our hosts, Deutsche Telekom, were great providing great meeting facilities and ensuring we were all fed and watered well.

All of the slides from the presentations at the event are now available from the OSGi Alliance web site. These include the ones from Richard and Neil which can also be found below. The video of the demo from slide 21 of the above slides can be found on YouTube.



Paremus at OSGi Community Event 2012 next week

Its the OSGi Community Event in Darmstadt, Germany next week at the Deutsche Telekom offices. The theme of the conference is the “Evolution and Success” of OSGi and there is an excellent selection of talks and panel discussions lined up for the two days (Tues 20th and Weds 21st September). There also looks to be plenty of opportunity for networking with community members, not least during the BBQ sponsored by SAP on the first evening.

Richard Nicholson will be busy with both his OSGi Alliance Presidential duties and also his talk on Tuesday “The Dawn of Composite Clouds – Why OSGi is the Most Important Ingredient in the Next Generation of Java Compute Cloud“.

Neil Bartlett is giving a talk on Bndtools, the Eclipse-based development tooling making it easier to work with OSGi, aptly titled ”Easy-peasy OSGi Development with Bndtools” which is on Wednesday.

Neil will also be taking part in the panel discussion “What Are the Major Tasks to Tackle Within the Next Two Years?” along with Alex Blewitt (Bandlem), Anish Karmarkar (Oracle), Christer Larsson (Makewave) and Karl Pauls (Luminis). The panel will be moderated by the OSGi Alliance Technical Director, Peter Kriens.

So if you plan to be there be sure to catch up with Richard, Neil or myself (Mike) either just to say hi or talk about all things OSGi over a Bratwurst or two.

If you havent booked yet then you can still register online or even turn up on the day armed with your credit card!

Hope to see you in Darmstadt next week.

OSGi Dev Con 2009 & OSGi Tooling Summit Roundup

So I’m currently sitting in my hotel lobby waiting till we jump in the hire car off to the airport for our flight home. It’s been a long week – the time zone difference between San Francisco and London is always exhausting and the mental effort of networking, presenting, and talking to customers is always pretty intensive too.

I think the conference was definitely quieter this year – you couldn’t help but feel the shadow of the economic climate hanging over us all – however though volume was down compared to last year, quality seemed to be much higher. My rough market assessment based on talking to people on our exhibition stand was that awareness of OSGi is much improved compared to last year.

Even better for me people really seemed to get what we (Paremus) are about. Last year we were the “RMI guys”. This year people we talked to seemed to get genuinely excited about what our product is a really about: a flexible, scalable solution to provisioning and managing dynamic distributed OSGi based applications in enterprise environments. (more…)