OSGi Surgery with Neil Bartlett @ OSGi DevCon 2013

A number of the Paremus team  will be attending OSGi DevCon and EclipseCon next week and we are looking forward to the all of the great OSGi content and exploring the new venue in Boston.

If you are attending then you may be interested in the opportunity to book a 30 minute one on one slot with Neil Bartlett.  And the great news is that the charge for this is zilch / zero / nada – yes that’s right, no charge at all.


Devoxx 2012


Neil Bartlett will be at Devoxx this week presenting “How to Make your Code OSGi Friendly Without Depending on OSGi“. The talk is taking place at 13.35hrs in Room 8 on Thursday 15 Nov.

It appears from the Twittersphere that there has been a good deal of interest and content around OSGi at the conference this week, including the use of Neil’s Bndtools project.  So if you are at Devoxx and would like to catch up with Neil to find out more about Bndtools, his OSGi training course, or anything OSGi or Paremus related then send him a tweet @nbartlett or drop us an email.

OSGi Community Event 2012 – 23 to 25 Oct, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Its only just over 3 weeks to go before the 2012 OSGi Community Event.  Replicating the partnership of OSGi DevCon with EclipseCon, the OSGi Community Event will this year be held in conjunction with EclipseCon Europe.  Early bird registration is available till 30 Sept, so dont delay and sign up today to secure the best price. Oh and if you are an OSGi member you can use coupon code OSGI to receive a further discount.

The event is being hosted at the Forum am Schlosspark in Ludwigsburg, Germany. (more…)

Washington Warblings

OSGi DevCon 2012 is underway.  The first day of the conference was all tutorial based and Neil Bartlett (aided by Gustavo Morozowski and Peter Kriens) gave a tutorial on “Mastering OSGi with Ease” to a packed room of 80 or so conference attendees.

Neil was also short listed for Bndtools in the Best Developer Tool category at EclipseCon.  Unfortunately he wasnt the overall winner, with the award going to the more than worthy Chronon Debugger, however making the final three from a submission list of 48 is a indication of the importance of Bndtools – well done Neil (and the other Bndtools contributors).

Day 2 of the conference is just starting and there are plenty of OSGi talks and presentations along with the OSGi BOF this evening.  For those of you who arent able to make it to Reston this evening for the BOF at 7pm the OSGi Alliance will be providing a live video and audio stream of the BOF via Ustream. You will be able to access this from the OSGi Channel here. We hope to be able to take questions from remote attendees via Twitter using #osgibof.