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OSGi Surgery with Neil Bartlett @ OSGi DevCon 2013

A number of the Paremus team  will be attending OSGi DevCon and EclipseCon next week and we are looking forward to the all of the great OSGi content and exploring the new venue in Boston.

If you are attending then you may be interested in the opportunity to book a 30 minute one on one slot with Neil Bartlett.  And the great news is that the charge for this is zilch / zero / nada – yes that’s right, no charge at all.


Paremus at Structure Europe 2012


We are in Amsterdam at Structure Europe 2012 this week and Richard Nicholson, our Founder and CEO, took part in a lively panel discussion earlier today on The Evolution of Private PaaS Solutions.

The other panel members included: Bart Copeland – CEO, ActiveState, Ruben Daniels – Co-Founder and CEO, Cloud9 IDE and Johan den Haan – CTO, Mendix.

GigaOM have recorded the whole Structure Europe event and Richards panel session can be found in the following GigaOM blog post.

The recording of the panel is well worth a watch. There is lots of interaction, views and opinions from all of the panelists.

Hope to see you at OSGi Community Event in Ludwigsburg next week.

Structure 2012

Our founder and CEO, Richard Nicholson, will be at Structure 2012 in San Francisco this week (20-21 June) participating in a panel discussing “The gap between applications and infrastructure” along with Luke Kanies (CEO, Puppet Labs), Stephanie Tayengco (VP of Network Operations and Engineering, Logicworks) and James Urquhart (VP of Product Strategy, enStratus).

Abstract: Everything we do in the cloud is about supporting the delivery of your application. Between the application and the big iron that powers it, there is a layer of management and software that orchestrates magic. This panel brings together differing viewpoints about application and infrastructure management, the gaps in between, and why now more than ever you should be paying attention to the different approaches and their impacts on your organization.

If you are attending Structure this week be sure to look up Richard and listen in to the panel discussion.

Coming In From The Cold – JavaOne

Seems like JavaOne was put firmly back on track this week. Great news after last years apparent discontent of it playing second fiddle to Oracle OpenWorld. Congrats to Oracle for steadying the good ship JavaOne and reigniting all the positive passions of the extensive and vocal Java Community.

OSGi also had more coverage than ever before at a JavaOne, 16 sessions in total, 3 of which were from the OSGi Alliance, and many others on open source projects and user case studies.

Not surprisingly Cloud seems to have been a dominant topic at the conference, with Oracle announcing their Public Cloud, not to mention the controversy and spin around the last minute dumping of, oops sorry apparently it had never been scheduled, Mark Benioff’s presentation.

From a Paremus perspective the conference excited us way more than we could have hoped. Firstly, Jason McGee (IBM Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect, Websphere XD, Project Zero) endorsed the need for OSGi in the Cloud “for reducing footprint” in his presentation.

Secondly, Cameron Purdy (Oracle VP, Development), as reported by, described how the Service Fabric deals with provisioning applications:

“……….that application will come with a set of requirements,” Purdy said. “It’s going to show up in the data center, declare the requirements and the container will be responsible for injecting those things into the application.” (more…)