OSGi Community Event

OSGi PushStreams – online processing for live data


I recently gave a talk at the OSGi Community Event about a new RFC being discussed at the OSGi Alliance called PushStreams. A video of the talk is available here, and the latest version of the RFC is here. The talk generated a lot of interest (a full room at the conference) and even a blog analysis of the RFC.

Given the amount of interest there has been I thought I should give a bit more detail about what’s actually going on, and some of the current intentions for the PushStream API.


So what is a PushStream?

An OSGi PushStream is basically a Java 8 stream, but one that’s been upgraded to support “pushing” data, hence the imaginative name! The OSGi Alliance certainly isn’t the first place to talk about push-based streams of data (see Reactive Streams, Reactive Extensions and Akka) but a lot of people are still new to the concept, so we’ll start with some background.


OSGi Community Event 2012 Underway

The OSGi Community Event 2012 kicked off today in Ludwigsburg, Germany, co-located with EclipeCon Europe.  Richard Nicholson, Paremus CEO and OSGi Alliance President thanked everyone for joining us and for the EclipseCon teams excellent support in setting up and running the conference.  This is the first year that the OSGi Community Event has co-located with EclipseCon in Europe, following on the established formula of OSGi DevCon and EclipseCon in North America.

Over the next 3 days there will be more than 25 talks focused on OSGi, ranging from embedded to enterprise, tooling to OSGI and the Cloud, plus some user case studies. There will also be 1 0r 2 OSGi BOFs and an exciting schedule of entertainment laid on by the EclipseCon Europe team. It looks set to be a great conference.

If you are at the conference and would like to find out more about the OSGi Alliance then be sure to come by the Alliance stand (opposite the Power Up lounge) on street level.  This will be manned in all the breaks during the conference by different members of the Alliance and they will be pleased to answer any of your questions.

Neil Bartlett has a couple of talks during the conference so be sure to look these up on the schedule if you will be with us in Ludwigsburg.

Hope to see you there.


OSGi Community Event 2012 – 23 to 25 Oct, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Its only just over 3 weeks to go before the 2012 OSGi Community Event.  Replicating the partnership of OSGi DevCon with EclipseCon, the OSGi Community Event will this year be held in conjunction with EclipseCon Europe.  Early bird registration is available till 30 Sept, so dont delay and sign up today to secure the best price. Oh and if you are an OSGi member you can use coupon code OSGI to receive a further discount.

The event is being hosted at the Forum am Schlosspark in Ludwigsburg, Germany. (more…)

OSGi Community Event 2011 Over for Another Year

What a great couple of days this week at the OSGi Community Event 2011 in Dramstadt.  There were lots of great presentations and plenty of opportunity to network with everyone there. Our hosts, Deutsche Telekom, were great providing great meeting facilities and ensuring we were all fed and watered well.

All of the slides from the presentations at the event are now available from the OSGi Alliance web site. These include the ones from Richard and Neil which can also be found below. The video of the demo from slide 21 of the above slides can be found on YouTube.