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“Innovation is GREAT” – Paremus in Japan

Innovation Is Great
The British Embassy in Tokyo has been running a series of activities under the theme of “Innovation is GREAT’“.

Last Wednesday, Dec 2 , they hosted an event at ITSCOM Studio & Hall (Futakotamagawa Rise) in Tokyo and Paremus were there showing demonstrations of the Service Fabric being used for IoT and Cloud.

Our booth was manned by our representative in Japan, Mr Takagi Kaname, and he enjoyed his time there meeting with a number of existing customers and forging new relationships with potential future partners.

Japan Dec 2015


OSGi Surgery with Neil Bartlett @ OSGi DevCon 2013

A number of the Paremus team  will be attending OSGi DevCon and EclipseCon next week and we are looking forward to the all of the great OSGi content and exploring the new venue in Boston.

If you are attending then you may be interested in the opportunity to book a 30 minute one on one slot with Neil Bartlett.  And the great news is that the charge for this is zilch / zero / nada – yes that’s right, no charge at all.


Building a high performance scalable architecture with Scala & OSGi

Skills Matter hosted their first Scala eXchange last month and Dave Savage from Paremus presented on “How to Build a High Performance Scala(ble) Infrastructure in under 5 minutes”…pun intended!

The talk gave an overview and demonstration of a proof of concept that we built for a project to show how you can use Scala with OSGi, and specifically the Service Fabric, to quickly build a scalable, dynamic, extensible and robust application to be run in the Cloud.

It was a lightening talk so there are only 5 slides in the presentation below. However you can see a podcast of Dave presenting the talk over on the Skills Matter website.

If you would like to get your hands on the code to try this for yourselves then please drop us a note.

Distributed OSGi Slides from OSGi DevCon

My colleague, Robert Dunne, presented on Distributed OSGi at the OSGi DevCon last month, run in conjunction with EclipseCon in Santa Clara.  The presentation (below) provided an introduction to the OSGi Remote Services and Remote Service Admin specifications. Robert used the Nimble Distribution, which has our implementation of these specifications included with it, to demonstrate some of the capabilities.

The Nimble Distribution is available for you to try out today in development. Various support options are available for anyone wanting to use Nimble in Production.



If you have any questions you can reach us on nimble@paremus.com or submit a question to Stackoverflow using Nimble as a tag and one of our team will be pleased to respond.