OSGi Dev Con 2009 & OSGi Tooling Summit Roundup

So I’m currently sitting in my hotel lobby waiting till we jump in the hire car off to the airport for our flight home. It’s been a long week – the time zone difference between San Francisco and London is always exhausting and the mental effort of networking, presenting, and talking to customers is always pretty intensive too.

I think the conference was definitely quieter this year – you couldn’t help but feel the shadow of the economic climate hanging over us all – however though volume was down compared to last year, quality seemed to be much higher. My rough market assessment based on talking to people on our exhibition stand was that awareness of OSGi is much improved compared to last year.

Even better for me people really seemed to get what we (Paremus) are about. Last year we were the “RMI guys”. This year people we talked to seemed to get genuinely excited about what our product is a really about: a flexible, scalable solution to provisioning and managing dynamic distributed OSGi based applications in enterprise environments. (more…)

Flocking Behaviours

I'm speaking at EclipseCon 2009

Just a quick note to say I’ll be running a BOF session with Peter Kriens and Chris Aniszczyk on OSGi development tooling at EclipseCon this year as part of the OSGi track. You can find details here.

I guess my main focus for calling the BOF is that I’m very interested in talking to other OSGi developers to see what it is we on the tooling side can do to make our collective jobs easier.

What is it about OSGi development that really frustrates you – and what can tools do to make it easier?

It’ll also be really interesting to meet up with other tools developers to see if we can get a bit of reuse going on – likely we won’t solve that in one BOF but if we can just put names to faces and get a bit of shared understanding going on we’re likely to be more productive in the long term.

Hope to see you there.


OSGi tooling

There’s a really interesting conversation going on at TSS about OSGi and future directions for Enterprise Java.

I’ve posted a reply which I thought it was worth reposting here:

I think there are two issues with [the approach of repackaging existing modules as OSGi bundles and simply importing/exporting all packages] which really cause headaches going forward; Module vs API dependencies and complex “Uses” graphs. (more…)