OSGi and Java 9 Modules Working Together 2 comments

The best thing about the Java Platform Module System – commonly known as Project Jigsaw, or JSR 376 – is that it has been used to break apart the monolithic Java runtime into smaller modules. This makes Java a more attractive implementation technology in many scenarios where it has historically been weak. For example, modern desktop or mobile applications can’t rely on having a pre-installed copy of Java on the user’s device, so you need to ship Java as part (more…)

Coming up for air

Ok so it’s been a while since I last post anything here, mainly because I’ve been working on a number of different big projects for the last couple of months and this left no time for blog posting.

So having come up for air for a few hours at least I thought it’d be a good idea to blog about them see if I can drum up some interest 😉

The major addition to my task list over the past few months has been the Sigil project. This is a set of tools to help developers build OSGi bundles. It started off as an eclipse plugin but about two or three months ago my team mate came along with some really great code to integrate it with Ivy.

I believe Sigil is the first tool out there to unify OSGi development in the IDE and server side build in a common configuration file (this being a good thing as it saves the messy job of keeping other systems in sync). (more…)